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About Us

We focus on the needs of the contact lens wearer and their eye care professional.

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Our Lenses

Our team is prepared to design the most appropriate lenses for any type of contact lens patient.

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Keeping Your World In Focus

Metro Optics is a premier custom contact lens manufacturer serving eye care professionals throughout the United States since 1973. We offer an extensive portfolio of Soft and Rigid contact lens products to help satisfy even the most challenging lens fit.

Irregular Cornea

Everyone is a candidate for contact lenses, but everyone is not a candidate for the same lens design. We offer a lens options for all your patients needs.


Fitting patients with keratoconus is simple with our ComfortKone, Kerasoft or InSight scleral lens designs.

Post Surgical

Utilize our full spectrum of contact lens options to help optimize your most difficult post-surgical fits.


Fitting patients in multifocal or bifocal contacts is simple, even in patients with astigmatism or highly irregular corneas.


Our InSight of Genesis scleral contact lenses offer sharp vision and comfort for patients who have been unsuccessful in other lens designs due to dryness or highly irregular corneas.


We offer several types of contact lenses can correct vision problems caused by spherical/astigmatic corneas.

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What Our Practitioners Say

"With Metro Optics you can take patients from saying “I can’t” to “I can.”" - Dr. Sue Donald (LUSK Eye Specialists )
"The Insight Scleral lens is the ultimate multifocal scleral lens. It's the solution for maximizing both correction and comfort for all vision needs. " - Dr. Jennifer Harthan (OD, FAAO)

Metro Optics Cares

Metro Optics is proud to support a number of organizations.