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The InSight Scleral can be used on virtually anyone. It works well on normal corneas as it does on compromised corneas. It provides a stable and comfortable fit while maximizing visual potential in cases where soft lenses and intra-corneal rigid lenses cannot provide acceptable vision and/or comfort. InSight Scleral can also deliver multifocal correction up to 3 diopters of add power. This innovative feature now allows both normal and compromised cornea patients to experience excellent distance and reading correction in a remarkably comfortable lens.

HHM Technology

InSight Scleral features a unique design approach we like to call HHM Technology which refers to the way this lens was developed. HHM Technology stands for the collaboration of custom contact lens industry professionals and clinical practitioners in the development of optical devices that substantially improve the world of sight for those in need of visual compensation. HHM includes the expertise of over 80 years of work in the field of contact lenses and optics.

Competitive Exchange Program

Trade-In your old scleral fitting set and we’ll send you a brand new InSight Scleral Fitting Set for FREE! Contact us for details.


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