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We pride ourselves on being a well-rounded manufacturer that offers effective treatment options for all eye conditions. We understand that no two eyes are entirely alike, and custom-fitted lenses that come in various options are needed to provide that effective treatment.

Our contact lenses are specially designed for each individual patient. We focus on providing a custom made lens that best suits their needs. Whether they have normal corneas or something more challenging like corneal irregularities, keratoconus, post-surgical or other conditions that can make standard lens types uncomfortable and ineffective. Additionally, we provide ocular corrections that address presbyopia as well as the distance vision.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Metro Optics is to provide eye care professionals with contact lens products and services that enhance their practices and their patients’ lives.

Our Lenses

We offer a wide selection of standard and specialty soft, corneal and scleral contact lenses that work for even the hardest-to-fit-eyes. We strive to enhance your patient care by giving you the ability to provide clear vision to those that need it most

Eye Care Resources

Finding reputable resources that you can share with your colleagues, patients, and peers can be challenging. We’ve saved you the valuable time of researching so you can get the information you need when you need it.

Upcoming Events

We take pride in being active in the eye care community across the country. If you’re interested in where you can find us, check out what events we will be attending next.

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