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Lens Surface Treatments for Contact Lenses

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Plasma Surface Treatment: Improved Wettability and Initial Performance

Gas Plasma Treatment of rigid corneal and scleral lenses greatly enhances their on-eye performance. It improves the adherence of lens wetting solutions and tear film to the lens surface thus eliminating dry spots that degrade comfort and visual acuity.

Plasma treatment is merely a treatment and nothing is permanently added to the lens. It is not a coating and is rather a slight modification of the lens surface. Gas Plasma particles bombard the lens surface during the treatment procedure leaving microscopic peaks and valleys that allow lens wetting solutions and tears to effectively adhere to the lens. Optimum lens wetting is critical to lens comfort at initial lens dispense. Plasma treatment will wear off in a relatively short period of time, but that is not a serious problem. Plasma will have already done its job in getting the lens comfortably into the wearing cycle.

A real “Game Changer” in Custom Contact Lens Performance

  • Increased comfort
  • Improved Surface Water Retention
  • Increased Tear Breakup Time
  • Reduces Deposit Adherance
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